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Methods and Applications of Intelligent Control and Computational Intelligence

New control methodologies such as complex systems, intelligent control, computational intelligence, etc. not only inherit and develop traditional control discipline, but also have become pioneer research focuses. Computational intelligence and intelligent control based researches omni directionally on complex systems are big challenges in this area. Based on already obtained research achievements, this research team will stress on the methods and applications of intelligent control and computational intelligence for complex systems under the guidance of the national strategic needs and international research focuses. Research topics include the integration theories of intelligent control approaches, control methods of network based systems, linguistic dynamic systems, complex data analysis and handling, key technologies of cooperation and control of multi-robotic systems, intelligence and security informatics, etc. The aim of this team is to achieve fundamental and systematic research results, promote the further development of the theories and applications of intelligent control and computational intelligence, and attain world-widely recognized status in theories, applications, and academic activities.

 As a result, this team will publish academic papers in famous international journals, occupy positions in international organizations, make presentations in main international conferences, and get well-known among international notable scholars.

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09 27,2009