The Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) was established in 1956. With intelligent science and technology as the main orientation, it is the overall leading unit of the "Artificial Intelligence Innovation Institute" first established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first national research institution to carry out brain-inspired intelligence research in China and the leading institute for the first School of Artificial Intelligence Institute in China.


For over sixty years, CASIA has made great contributions to national economy construction, social progress, scientific and technological development and national security. In the initial stage of China, CASIA pioneered control science and engineering of China, making historical contributions to “Two Bombs & One Satellite”. During the period of Chinese economic reform, CASIA opened up the new area in pattern recognition and intelligent and intelligent information processing in China. From the 1990s, CASIA started to focus on Artificial Intelligence base on control science. 


CASIA focus on research of intelligent science and technology. The institute has formed distinct scientific advantages and technical characteristics in the fields of intelligent integration of complex systems, pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, speech and language information processing, brain-inspired intelligence, intelligent robots, intelligent systems and intelligent chips. It has a complete intelligent technology innovation chain from R & D to technology transfer.


The institute has 14 research departments, including two national laboratories, one national engineering center, one CAS key laboratory and 5 joint labs globally.


Up to the end of 2021, the institute has 1105 full-time staff, of which 118 are professors and senior engineers, 305 associate professors and associate senior engineers. CASIA has 3 CAS Members; 1 TWAS Member; 14 IEEE fellows and 16 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.  


For education and training, the institute currently has 1157 post-graduate students, including 573 PhD students and 584 Master students, as well as 65 post-docs. 


CASIA is the affiliated unit of China Association of Automation and China Society of Image and Grapgics. The institute sponsores three academic journals: IEEE / CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (SCI Journal), ACTA Automatica Sinix (Chinese) and Machine Intelligence Research.