Message from the President


Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) has been developed under great demand of national construction in the first 12-Year Program of National Perspective Plan for the Development of Science and Technology. 

Throughout efforts of the past several generations, CASIA members have made a series of outstanding achievements and left a collection of innovative records, such as launching “Two bombs and one satellite” successfully, developing high performance digital signal processor, Hanvon brand series products etc.  

In recent years, CASIA has grasped the wind vane of information and control technology to intelligent development and focused on brain-inspired intelligence. Through deploying disciplinary crossing and integration of brain science and intelligent science and innovation of system and mechanism, CASIA is trying to accelerate large-scale cooperation among research teams and transformation of research fruits so as to realize transformation of research model. 

Seeing into the future, we aim to construct CASIA into new research institutes with open mind, core competitiveness, exploration and innovation in accordance with the requirements of “Four Firsts” to make greater contributions to scientific and technological development. 


From Prof. Bo XU, President of CASIA