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In Vivo 3-Dimensional Radiopharmaceutical-Excited Fluorescence Tomography
Feb 13, 2017Author:
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Title: In Vivo 3-Dimensional Radiopharmaceutical-Excited Fluorescence Tomography
Authors: Hu, ZH; Zhao, MX; Qu, YW; Zhang, XJ; Zhang, MR; Liu, MH; Guo, HB; Zhang, ZY; Wang, J; Yang, WD; Tian, J
Author Full Names: Hu, Zhenhua; Zhao, Mingxuan; Qu, Yawei; Zhang, Xiaojun; Zhang, Mingru; Liu, Muhan; Guo, Hongbo; Zhang, Zeyu; Wang, Jing; Yang, Weidong; Tian, Jie
Source: JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE, 58 (1):169-174; 10.2967/jnumed.116.180596 JAN 2017
Language: English
Abstract: Cerenkov luminescence imaging can image radiopharmaceuticals using a high-sensitivity charge-coupled device camera. However, Cerenkov luminescence emitted from the radiopharmaceuticals is weak and has low penetration depth in biologic tissues, which severely limits the sensitivity and accuracy of Cerenkov luminescence imaging. This study presents 3-dimensional (3D) radiophamiaceutical-excited fluorescence tomography (REFT) using europium oxide (EO) nanoparticles, which enhances the Cerenkov luminescence signal intensity, improves the penetration depth, and obtains more accurate 3D distribution of radiopharmaceuticals. Methods: The enhanced optical signals of various radiopharmaceuticals (including F-18-FDG, (GaCl3)-Ga-68, Na(99)mTcO(4)) by EO nanoparticles were detected in vitro. The location and 3D distribution of the radiopharmaceuticals of REFT were then reconstructed and compared with those of Cerenkov luminescence tomography through the experiments with the phantom, artificial source-implanted mouse models, and mice bearing hepatocellular carcinomas. Results: The mixture of (GaCl3)-Ga-68 and EO nanoparticles possessed the strongest optical signals compared with the other mixtures. The in vitro phantom and implanted mouse studies showed that REFT revealed more accurate 3D distribution of (GaCl3)-Ga-68. REFT can detect more tumors than small-animal PET in hepatocellular carcinoma-bearing mice and achieved more accurate 3D distribution information than Cerenkov luminescence tomography. Conclusion: REFT with EO nanoparticles significantly improves accuracy of localization of radiopharmaceuticals and can precisely localize the tumor in vivo.
ISSN: 0161-5505
eISSN: 1535-5667
IDS Number: EG8YM
Unique ID: WOS:000391343400036
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