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Linear impulsive control system with impulse time windows
Mar 05, 2017Author:
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Title: Linear impulsive control system with impulse time windows
Authors: Feng, YM; Yu, JZ; Li, CD; Huang, TW; Che, HJ
Author Full Names: Feng, Yuming; Yu, Junzhi; Li, Chuandong; Huang, Tingwen; Che, Hangjun
Source: JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND CONTROL, 23 (1):111-118; 10.1177/1077546315575465 JAN 2017
Language: English
Abstract: We formulate the linear impulsive control systems with impulse time windows. Different from the most impulsive systems where the impulses occur at fixed time or when the system states hit a certain hyperplane, the impulse time in the presented systems might be uncertain, but limited to a small time interval, i.e. a time window. Compared with the existing impulsive systems, the systems with impulse time windows is of practical importance. We then study the asymptotic stability of the case of linear systems and obtain several stability criteria. Numerical examples are given to verify the effectiveness of the theoretical results.
ISSN: 1077-5463
eISSN: 1741-2986
IDS Number: EJ1EZ
Unique ID: WOS:000392954600009
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