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Cross-Modality Face Recognition via Heterogeneous Joint Bayesian
Mar 31, 2017Author:
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Title: Cross-Modality Face Recognition via Heterogeneous Joint Bayesian  

Authors: Shi, HL; Wang, XB; Yi, D; Lei, Z; Zhu, XY; Li, SZ 

Author Full Names: Shi, Hailin; Wang, Xiaobo; Yi, Dong; Lei, Zhen; Zhu, Xiangyu; Li, Stan Z. 

Source: IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS, 24 (1):81-85; 10.1109/LSP.2016.2637400 JAN 2017  

Language: English 

Abstract: In many face recognition applications, the modalities of face images between the gallery and probe sets are different, which is known as heterogeneous face recognition. How to reduce the feature gap between images from different modalities is a critical issue to develop a highly accurate face recognition algorithm. Recently, joint Bayesian (JB) has demonstrated superior performance on general face recognition compared to traditional discriminant analysis methods like subspace learning. However, the original JB treats the two input samples equally and does not take into account the modality difference between them and may be suboptimal to address the heterogeneous face recognition problem. In this work, we extend the original JB by modeling the gallery and probe images using two different Gaussian distributions to propose a heterogeneous joint Bayesian (HJB) formulation for cross-modality face recognition. The proposed HJB explicitly models the modality difference of image pairs and, therefore, is able to better discriminate the same/different face pairs accurately. Extensive experiments conducted in the case of visible-near-infrared and ID photo versus spot face recognition problems show the superiority of the HJB over previous methods. 

ISSN: 1070-9908  

eISSN: 1558-2361  

IDS Number: EK3GE  

Unique ID: WOS:000393813700003 


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