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Development of a Novel Robotic Dolphin and Its Application to Water Quality Monitoring
Nov 08, 2017Author:
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Title: Development of a Novel Robotic Dolphin and Its Application to Water Quality Monitoring

 Authors: Wu, ZX; Liu, JC; Yu, JZ; Fang, H

 Author Full Names: Wu, Zhengxing; Liu, Jincun; Yu, Junzhi; Fang, Hao

 Source: IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, 22 (5):2130-2140; 10.1109/TMECH.2017.2722009 OCT 2017

 Language: English

 Abstract: This paper presents the mechatronic design and hydrodynamic analysis of a novel bioinspired robotic dolphin used formobile water qualitymonitoring. A complementary configuration for mimicry of dolphin-like propulsion is first presented, involving a waist-fluke propulsive unit for dorsoventral oscillations and a pair of flippers with separate degree of freedom for three-dimensional (3-D) maneuvers. A host of onboard sensors is equipped to strengthen the capability of environment perception and mission execution on a near real-time basis. Considering the dynamic requirement formotion transition in water quality monitoring, a central pattern generator based controller is then built to govern the multimodal locomotion of the robotic dolphin. Moreover, a 3-D dynamic model based on the Lagrange method is employed to predict the propulsive performance, followed by simulations of continuous diving and surfacing motions. Finally, both laboratory and field experiments are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented mechatronic design and control methods. The results further show that the robotic dolphin with 3-D maneuverability offers a feasible solution to aquatic mobile sensing.

 ISSN: 1083-4435

 eISSN: 1941-014X

 IDS Number: FJ8TY

 Unique ID: WOS:000413042700021

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