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Tree Growth Modelling Constrained by Growth Equations
Mar 19, 2018Author:
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Title: Tree Growth Modelling Constrained by Growth Equations

 Authors: Yi, L; Li, HJ; Guo, JW; Deussen, O; Zhang, XP

 Author Full Names: Yi, Lei; Li, Hongjun; Guo, Jianwei; Deussen, Oliver; Zhang, Xiaopeng

 Source: COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, 37 (1):239-253; 10.1111/cgf.13263 FEB 2018

 Language: English

 Abstract: Modelling and simulation of tree growth that is faithful to the living environment and numerically consistent to botanic knowledge are important topics for realistic modelling in computer graphics. The realism factors concerned include the effects of complex environment on tree growth and the reliability of the simulation in botanical research, such as horticulture and agriculture. This paper proposes a new approach, namely, integrated growth modelling, to model virtual trees and simulate their growth by enforcing constraints of environmental resources and tree morphological properties. Morphological properties are integrated into a growth equation with different parameters specified in the simulation, including its sensitivity to light, allocation and usage of received resources and effects on its environment. The growth equation guarantees that the simulation procedure numerically matches the natural growth phenomenon of trees. With this technique, the growth procedures of diverse and realistic trees can also be modelled in different environments, such as resource competition among multiple trees.

 ISSN: 0167-7055

 eISSN: 1467-8659

 IDS Number: FX5VU

 Unique ID: WOS:000426151300018

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