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An Automated Pipeline for Bouton, Spine, and Synapse Detection of in Vivo Two-photon Images
Apr 08, 2018Author:
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Title: An Automated Pipeline for Bouton, Spine, and Synapse Detection of in Vivo Two-photon Images

 Authors: Xie, QW; Chen, X; Deng, H; Liu, DQ; Sun, YY; Zhou, XJ; Yang, Y; Han, H

 Author Full Names: Xie, Qiwei; Chen, Xi; Deng, Hao; Liu, Danqian; Sun, Yingyu; Zhou, Xiaojuan; Yang, Yang; Han, Hua

 Source: BIODATA MINING, 10 10.1186/s13040-017-0161-5 DEC 20 2017

 Language: English

 Abstract: Background: In the nervous system, the neurons communicate through synapses. The size, morphology, and connectivity of these synapses are significant in determining the functional properties of the neural network. Therefore, they have always been a major focus of neuroscience research. Two-photon laser scanning microscopy allows the visualization of synaptic structures in vivo, leading to many important findings. However, the identification and quantification of structural imaging data currently rely heavily on manual annotation, a method that is both time-consuming and prone to bias. Results: We present an automated approach for the identification of synaptic structures in two-photon images. Axon boutons and dendritic spines are structurally distinct. They can be detected automatically using this image processing method. Then, synapses can be identified by integrating information from adjacent axon boutons and dendritic spines. In this study, we first detected the axonal boutons and dendritic spines respectively, and then identified synapses based on these results. Experimental results were validated manually, and the effectiveness of our proposed method was demonstrated. Conclusions: This approach will helpful for neuroscientists to automatically analyze and quantify the formation, elimination and destabilization of the axonal boutons, dendritic spines and synapses.

 ISSN: 1756-0381

 Article Number: 40

 IDS Number: FR1DO

 Unique ID: WOS:000418806400001

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