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Ferritin Nanocarrier Traverses the Blood Brain Barrier and Kills Glioma
Jul 11, 2018Author:
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Title: Ferritin Nanocarrier Traverses the Blood Brain Barrier and Kills Glioma

Authors: Fan, KL; Jia, XH; Zhou, M; Wang, K; Conde, J; He, JY; Tian, J; Yan, XY

Author Full Names: Fan, Kelong; Jia, Xiaohua; Zhou, Meng; Wang, Kun; Conde, Joao; He, Jiuyang; Tian, Jie; Yan, Xiyun

Source: ACS NANO, 12 (5):4105-4115; 10.1021/acsnano.7b06969 MAY 2018

Language: English

Abstract: Over the last decades, considerable efforts have been put into developing active nanocarrier systems that cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) to treat brain-related diseases such as glioma tumors. However, to date none have been approved for clinical usage. Here, we show that a human H-ferritin (HFn) nanocarrier both successfully crosses the BBB and kills glioma tumor cells. Its principle point of entry is the HFn receptor (transferrin receptor 1), which is overexpressed in both BBB endothelial cells (ECs) and glioma cells. Importantly, we found that HFn enters and exits the BBB via the endosome compartment. In contrast, upon specifically targeting and entering glioma cells, nearly all of the HFn accumulated in the lysosomal compartment, resulting in the killing of glioma tumor cells, with no HFn accumulation in the surrounding healthy brain tissue. Thus, HFn is an ideal nanocarrier for glioma therapy and possesses the potential to serve as a therapeutic approach against a broad range of central nervous system diseases.

ISSN: 1936-0851

eISSN: 1936-086X

IDS Number: GH4VZ

Unique ID: WOS:000433404500005

PubMed ID: 29608290

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