CAS Foreign Member Prof. Anders Lindquist Invited to Visit Institute of Automation
Jun 02, 2016Author:
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On June1st, CAS Foreign Member Prof. Anders Lindquist was invited to visit Institute of Automation. In the morning, Lindquist gave an academic report titled On Moment Problems in Robust Control, Spectral Estimation, Image Processing and System Identification in the first meeting room on the 3rd floor of Intelligent Building, which attracted active participation of teachers and students inside and outside Institute of Automation. 


Deputy President of Institute of Automation Prof. LIU Chenglin conducted the meeting. In the report, Lindquist used the easiest way to explain some basic theories in the field of system and control theory on moment problems in applications of robust control, spectral estimation, image processing and system identification etc. In particular, Lindquist provided the method of solving important problems, such as spectral estimation, signal processing, robust control and image processing etc. by using non-classical theoretical framework and mathematical tool. 


Additionally, he also displayed fully parametric solutions of rational covariance extension problems, which solved a major problem in the field of signal processing and robust control unsolved for a long time and developed stochastic realization in geometry theory.  


In the last interactive sessions, Lindquist launched a heated discussion with young researchers and students and they conducted an in-depth discussion on the difference of theory models in mathematics and engineering and its applications. 


In the afternoon, Lindquist launched a special Youth Salon titled Optimizing Life in System Construction with young researchers and students. In the salon, Lindquist talked about how he generated interests in mathematics. Taking his own research experience as examples, he put forward that doing research could not look at short-term profit at present but stood on human scientific and technological progress in long-term development.  



Lindquist believed that in scientific research a problem may induce a new problem and imposing a handicap on answerers was just reflected its values. Even if the previous problem could not be solved, the process of solving problems itself was also a kind of gain and enlightenment. As scholars, Lindquist argued that academicians should have open and active thinking and broad vision and they should update information timely and have deep insight into different views and perspectives. Besides, scholars should be adept in communicate with academicians in different fields and overcome barriers in exotic culture to establish multiple links. 


Thereafter, Lindquist developed a face-to-face communications and discussions and answered young researchers’ confusion in academic research, life selection and career planning etc. He laid emphasis on the following contents: (1) Interest is the best teacher; (2) Live and learn; (3) Genius is nothing but labor and diligence. The scene atmosphere in Sharon activity was intimate and relaxed. 



Anders Lindquist,born in Sweden, was elected as CAS Foreign Member in 2015. From July, 2011, he was officially employed as chair professor in Department of Automation of Electronic Information and ElectricalEngineeringCollege in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 1972, he was conferred the doctor’s degree in Department of Mathematics by the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.From July, 2000 to November, 2009, he chaired the math department of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and from June, 2006 to June, 2011, he served as the director of policy center for industrial and applied mathematics by the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. Anders Lindquist is world famous control theorist, who has made significant achievements in optimization control in stochastic system. Now he is IEEE fellow, IEEE life Fellow,SIAM Fellow (first entrant), IFAC Fellow, academician of Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and vice president of Basic Science Division of Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. Meanwhile, he is also the foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences and an honorable member of Operations Research Society of Hungary.His researches are involved in wide fields in mathematics and engineering, including system and control, signal processing, system identification and other engineering areas. He has published more than 120 papers in top international journals, issued 6 monographs and obtained US patents. 


Anders Lindquist is also the editorial board member of many world known academic journals, including SIAM Review (editorial board), Acta Automatica Sinica (editorial board), Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control (communication editor), System & Control Letters (associate editor) and International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (associate editor) etc.