CASIA Multimedia Computing Group Wins Best Paper Award in ACM Multimedia 2016
Nov 08, 2016Author:
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On Oct. 19th, Multimedia Computing Group of CASIA won Best Paper Award in the conference of ACM Multimedia 2016 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 Group Photo of Presenting Best Paper Award (Image by NLPR, CASIA) 

The paper entitled "Multi-modal Multi-view Topic-opinion Mining for Social Event Analysis", co-authored by doctoral student Shengsheng QIAN, associate Prof. Tianzhu ZHANG and Prof. Changsheng XU won the Best Paper Award. The paper titled “Cross-Platform Emerging Topic Detection and Elaboration from Multimedia Streams” co-authored by associate Prof. Bingkun BAO and Prof. Changsheng XU won 2016 Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award.

 Best Paper Award in ACM MM 2016 (Image by NLPR, CASIA) 

The awarded paper proposed a novel multi-modal multi-view topic-opinion mining (MMTOM) model for social event analysis in multiple collection sources. The proposed MMTOM can effectively take multi-modal and multi-view properties jointly into account in a unified and principled way for social event modeling. Generally speaking, MMTOM model can be widely applied to many fields in multimedia, such as opinion mining and sentiment analysis, multi-view association visualization, and topic-opinion mining for movie review etc. 

ACM Multimedia is an influential international conference in Multimedia area. ACM Multimedia 2016 have received 650 submissions and accepted 52 full papers. Based on the review and recommendation from program chairs and best paper selection committee, only one paper was selected as the Best Paper out of the final four candidates. As winner of Best Paper Award in ACM MM 2016, authors were invited to present their research results in ACM MM on October, 17th.

 Best Paper Presentation in ACM MM 2016 (Image from ACMMM.org) 

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications is the flagship publication of the ACM Special Interest Group in Multimedia (SIGMM), which is also one of the prestigious journals in Multimedia area. The paper written by associate Prof. Bao et al. was awarded for 2016 Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award after two rounds of review by the award committee. The paper was stood out from the 52 papers published in 2015 because of its topic timeliness, idea originality and novelty, methodology effectiveness and efficiency.  

Through creative research methods and innovated research model, the winning papers have focused on detecting emerging topics on social hot issues or news streams from multi-modal social platforms, which is not only corresponding to the needs of governments and the public, but also the research hot in international academic communities.
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