ZENG Yi Appointed International Expert for Drafting Global Recommendation on the Ethics of AI
Mar 25, 2020Author:
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On March 11th, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay announced the establishment of an international expert group on artificial intelligence ethics and appointed 24 members. Zeng Yi, a researcher of our institute, along with the other experts from 24 countries will participate in the drafting and promotion of the global AI ethics proposal.

During the last General Conference held in November 2019, 193 Member States decided to entrust UNESCO to formulate the first global normative document on this issue.

The international expert group, which is composed of women and men from diverse cultural backgrounds and all geographical regions, including scientists and professionals who are proficient in AI related technology and ethical knowledge.

The expert group will hold a series of meetings and start to study the complex ethical choices in the coming era of artificial intelligence.

“It is our responsibility to lead a universal enlightened debate in order to enter this new era with our eyes wide open, without sacrificing our values, and establish a common global foundation of ethical principles for artificial intelligence.” said the Director-General.

The expert group will produce a draft text, which will be presented to various stakeholders at the national, sub-regional and regional levels for their comments this spring and summer. The text will then be submitted to the Member States for adoption at the next UNESCO General Conference.

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