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Upcoming Conference - 2014 International Symposium on Social Multimedia Computing
Feb 20, 2014Author:
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2014 International Symposium on Social Multimedia Computing

Sept.4-6, 2014, Beijing


As an emerging cross-disciplinary research area, Cyber-Physical-Social (CPS) computing is attracting attention worldwide, which features a combination of computational, physical, and social elements. It is capable of interacting, reflecting and influencing each other. In fact CPS computing is starting to affect every aspect of human life and is likely become increasingly pervasive. In the meantime, social multimedia is evolving with the popularity of online social networking to shape the cyber world, and serves as key means to describe the physical world.


With the advent of ubiquitous sensing, networking and the increasing computing personal computing capacity, future online social networks will be more involved into cyber-physical interactions, which suggests increasing need and research for applying social multimedia into CPS computing. We believe that emerging techniques from social multimedia may play key role in the development of CPS computing.


The potential research should proceed along two parallel lines: fundamentals and applications. On one hand, the convergence of the social, multimedia, cyber, and physical will exhibit a variety of novel characteristics that may need development and exploration of new concepts. This may mean identifying many open issues and challenges for research communities. On the other hand, the combination of the social multimedia and CPS computing will significantly change the way we see the world, benefit from the world and change the world. Cross-disciplinary applications, e.g., personal healthcare and public security are some of the first to be explored. As in any mature discipline fundamentals and applications must build on each other to establish the discipline; fundamentals without applications soon become useless and applications without fundamentals are shortlived. At the workshop, we will have good brainstorming sessions to identify important directions to pursue fundamental research while addressing solid applications that will identify and build basis for building CPS.


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Email: jtsang@nlpr.ia.ac.cn