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Research Center for Computational Medicine
Sep 27, 2009Author:
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Information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and cognitive science are the four booming fields at present. The fusion of any two or more of them will bring immeasurable efficiency. Especially the penetration of information and computing technology to other fields render emergence of many new branches of science. Computational Medicine is just the outcome in combined the computing and information technology and the biomedical technology.

Computational Medicine, aiming at the requirement of early prediction and diagnosis in human diseases, investigates critical clinical medicine issues. It focuses on information technology and provides novel theories and methods for researching on human brain morphology as well as helping model brain functions on macroscopic, microscopic and mesoscopic levels. To date, a great deal of novel theories and methods has been presented for investigating the underlying mechanism of human brain functions based on Computational Medicine, including information acquisition, processing, management, modeling and comprehension. Computing platform is established for the sake of investigating and interpreting somatic information, and then we can probe pathomechanism of diverse disease and increase accuracy of diagnosis and prediction. Furthermore, it could be possible to instruct clinical treatments and effectively control, assess and prevent diseases.

The Center of Computation Medicine focuses on solving three issues as follows: the novel theories and methods for somatic morphology and functional information acquisition, processing, modeling and comprehension; the modulation of human brain morphology and functions under neuropsychologic; the quantitative biomarkers for early diagnosis and prediction in human brain diseases. Based on the mentioned goals, the center is going to found five complementary core laboratories: Computational Anatomy, Biomedical Imaging, Brain Computer Interface, System Biomedicine and Computer-aided Diagnosis. We wish to consolidate and strengthen the collaboration by way of this platform with other institutes, especially the clinical medicine institution at home and abroad, in information science, clinical medicine and neuroscience fields, thereby found worldwide spreading cooperation networks with great power.