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Personalized Sport Video Customization on Mobile Devices
Oct 15, 2009Author:
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Personalized Sport Video Customization on Mobile Devices


Nokia Research Center, Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

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Sport video has wide viewership and tremendous commercial potentials. The traditional broadcast mode is one-to-many. With the development of new media channels and terminals, such as mobile devices, internet, etc, the traditional one-to-many mode can not satisfy the various increasing appetites of users. On the other hand, users may not have enough patience to view the whole game video or highlight collections generated by studio professionals. Their individual interesting points possibly focus on some specific players or certain type of events such as goal or free-kick in soccer and slam duck or shot in basketball. The ability of effective access to the most interesting contents from lengthy and voluminous sports video programs is required by users.

In this cooperation research project, we aim to develop a sport video customization demonstration that provides users personalized service according to the different requirement. The demonstration will explore and integrate the state-of-the-art technologies in multimedia and computer vision areas to realize the automatic analysis and understanding of sport video, and provide efficient and friendly interaction to capture the users’ preference. Meanwhile, we are actively looking for simple but novel algorithms to improve the performance of existing technologies, which many result in 2-3 papers ore IPRs.