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Computer Vision-Based Gesture Tracking and Recognition
Oct 15, 2009Author:
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Computer Vision-Based Gesture Tracking and Recognition


China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media

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Researcher in Charge:

Yangsheng WANG

Research Scope:

The project aims to develop human-machine interaction interface by exploring and designing computer vision-based algorithms to track and recognize human gestures. The gestures are articulated with poses and movements with hands, head and body. Gesture tracking and recognition, as a human-machine interaction interface, can have many applications. For example, it can be applied to realize Augmented Reality. It seamlessly bridges the physical world and the virtual world, which conventional interface such as keyboard and mousse is not able to achieve. It can also be applied as a multimedia presentation kit. During presentations (e.g. using Microsoft PowerPoint), a good presenter will use all human communication modalities including hand gestures and all other body language. Gesture-based interface would help the audience to understand what the presenter wants to show them, which is not very obvious when he is just pushing some buttons.