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Study on Cognition Principles and Key Techniques for Target Monitoring by MSMT High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Mar 14, 2014Author:
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Change detection of high resolution remote sensing images is very important for the civil and military applications since it is the fundamental technique for target monitoring. However, due to the critical requirements on the multi-temporal images and the lack of versatility, robustness and automation, it is difficult for the traditional approaches to meet the practical requirements. The underlying reason lies in the complexities inherent in high resolution images, the immature development of visual change detection cognition principles and key techniques. Moreover, cognition principles and key techniques are studied individually by the researchers of cognition science and information science, which makes the bridge that connects the above two components broken.In this context, the project aims at  addressing some difficulties related to change detection of high resolution satellite remote sensing images by taking advantages of recent advances in cognition science, information science and remote sensing science. In detail, the project starts with the generation of the new change detection framework based on visual change detection principles and imaging mechanisms of high resolution images, followed by the in-depth study on the key techniques. New application fashion will be explored for target monitoring by multisource multi-temporal high resolution remote sensing images. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the project, the prototype system will be developed for change detection of large-size high resolution satellite remote sensing images. The combination of software and DSP will be very helpful for constructing real-time on-board change detection system. The project is very promising in addressing the key difficulties of high resolution image change detection and accelerating the development of remote sensing information processing subject.