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Opto-mechanical Component Detection and Location for Large Laser Facilities
Mar 14, 2014Author:
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Large laser facility has important strategic significance to national security and energy. The facility is an important symbol of national security, energy and scientific research. Opto-mechanical assembly is an important part of the large laser facility, and is a key factor for the successfully running of large laser facility. Therefore, the detection and location of the opto-mechanical assembly is very important for the construction and running of the facility, and it has important significance in applications and research. To deal with the plenty of difficulties and problems in the detection and location process, this project includes the following aspects: (1)Optics damage detection using sparse representation and cascaded saliency model;(2)The extration of salient feature set of optp-machanical assembly based on visual cognition models; (3)The detection and localization of the opto-mechanical assembly based on the hybrid model and online learning of saliency features; (4) The pose estimation of opto-mechanical assembly based on the improved sub-pattern bilinear model. Finally, we establish a detection and localization prototype system for the opto-mechanical assembly of the large laser facility. Then the system will be applied and tested on the current large laser facility,  and it also will provide technical support for the future ignition facilities.