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Motion Capture Data Guided Garment Animation Techniques
Mar 14, 2014Author:
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Realistic garment modeling is in ever-increasing demand in both the entertainment and the fashion industries. State-of-the-art technologies are often incapable of meeting some of the demands. Physically based simulation is the most widely used technique, and will remain being the mainstream garment animation tool for quite a while.This proposal first reviews and points out several bottleneck issues that plagued this method, and proposes our solutions to tackle them. These solutions include a DCD based collision repair strategy, and the construction of an anisotropic vector diffusion field to control the bending of the material. Based on our previous work on physical simulation, we will explore a hybrid animation method which combines garment motion capture and physical simulation into one system. First, the garment in motion will be captured and the feature points  will be reconstructed from multiple synchronized pictures. The reconstructed geometric information is used as position constraints to guide the simulation of the garment mesh. Compared to other reconstruction based method, our method does not suffer the problem of imcomplete reconstruction due to missing information. On the other hand, collision handling will be less painful for the physical simulation process. How to retarget the synthesized animation data to other garment meshes will also be explored. The highlight of this proposal is the fusion of computer vision techniques and computer graphics techniques, which is hope to lead to a brand new garment animation technique for real production.