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In Vivo Three-dimensional Neural Circuit Imaging System for Small Animal
Apr 18, 2016Author:
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In Vivo Three-dimensional Neural Circuit Imaging System for Small Animal 


Abstract: This project is focused on developing in vivo three-dimensional neural circuit imaging system for small animal. In this system, two-photon excitation imaging techniques are combined with light-sheet microscopic imaging techniques. It provides complete information in aspects of cell biology, structural connectivity and functional circuit. The development of the imaging system is the main part of this project. It involves the research on imaging system, algorithms, software development, experimental evaluation and biomedical applications. Based on the requirements of in vivo deep and fast imaging for neural circuit, the imaging system takes the advantages of two-photon excitation imaging for deep imaging and light-sheet microscopic imaging for fast imaging. Furthermore, the imaging process and analysis platform are built to deal with fast imaging of neural circuit. The development of imaging system and performing pre-clinical biomedical applications can provide imaging methods and tools for studying the mechanism of neural circuit for small animal brian diseases model in vivo. 


Keywords: molecular imaging; small animal in vivo imaging; fluorescent imaging; two-photon excitation; light-sheet microscopy 




E-mail: xin.yang@ia.ac.cn 

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