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Novel High Performance Astronomical Digital Backend Platform
Apr 18, 2016Author:
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Novel High Performance Astronomical Digital Backend Platform 


Abstract: Digital backend is one of the most important parts of telescope construction, and directly related to the observing performance. With the fast improvement of the sensitivity of single dish and array telescope, e.g., the Five-Hundred Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) and TianLai etc., the current digital backend platform would not be able to meet the high sampling speed, resolution and high computing ability needs. By studying the hardware-reconfigurable platform with digitization, computing and data transfer, utilizing the most advanced FPGA and highest-resolution Analog to Digital (AD) chips that commercially-available, we will construct a high performance astronomical digital backend platform and corresponding drivers and typical astronomy DSP modules. Taking the advantage of the reconfigurable architecture and world-class performance, this platform will be able to not only meet either single dish or array telescope under construct or upgrade in China, but also use by astronomer in the world. We will have complete intellectual property from design to implementation. 


Keywords: digital backend; digital signal processing 



HAO Jie 

E-mail: jie.hao@ia.ac.cn 

The National Engineering & Technology Research Center for ASIC Design