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Research on Technique and Application of Multimodality Microscopy for Whole Mouse Imaging
Apr 18, 2016Author:
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Research on Technique and Application of Multimodality Microscopy for Whole Mouse Imaging 


Abstract: Light sheet microscopy (LSM) is an emerging 3D fluorescent imaging technique, which is used for high resolution imaging of mouse organs. The newly developed whole mouse clearing method in 2014 brings dawn to whole mouse LSM imaging. However, it also brings challenging problems for LSM. LSM can only observe fluorescent signal which is not enough for whole mouse imaging. Moreover, serious stripe artifacts caused by complex structures of the mouse will deteriorate the LSM image quality. To solve these problems, we will build a hybrid helical optical projection tomography (helical-OPT) and LSM system to complement LSM’s fluorescent signal with helical-OPT’s non-fluorescent signal. Moreover we will develop a novel image registration method for helical-OPT and LSM by using of multi-scale diffeomorphism model. Furthermore, we will construct a prediction model for stripe artifacts based on helical-OPT images. This model will be used to reduce the stripe artifacts in LSM images. Finally, we will apply our multimodality microscopy system to observe the blood vessel network in endothelial-specific CD146 knock-out mice. We want to quantitatively explore the role of CD146 in whole mouse angiogenesis. In this project, we research on novel multimodality microscopy technique and apply it to whole mouse blood vessel network. Our research possesses a great value of preclinical application. 


Keywords: molecular imaging; multimodality imaging; light sheet microscopy; whole-body imaging; optical projection tomography 




E-mail: di.dong@ia.ac.cn 

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