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Congratulations on Dr. Changde Du for receiving the ICME 2019 Best Paper Runner-Up Award
Aug 19, 2019Author:
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Recently, the 20th IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2019) was held in Shanghai, China. Changde Du, a doctor candidate from the Research Center for Brain-Inspired Intelligence & National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, CASIA, along with other two co-authors, received the Best Paper Runner-Up Award for their excellent work in Doubly Semi-supervised Multimodal Adversarial Learning for Classification, Generation and Retrieval.

The paper proposes a novel doubly semi-supervised multi-modal learning framework (DSML), which creatively combines some key research issues, such as classification, generation and retrieval into the same learning framework, and integrates adversarial learning and semi-supervised learning with multi-modal learning. As a unified framework, DSML can be applied in multi-modal semi-supervised classification, missing modality imputation and fast cross-modality retrieval tasks simultaneously. This work is highly appreciated by the reviewers and the experts on-site, and is expected to contribute to the fields of Brain-Computer Interface, Medical Diagnosis, Content Retrieval and Recommendation, etc. in the future.

IEEE ICME, one of the most important conferences on Multimedia, has been hosted for 20 consecutive years, covering topics from Text Analysis to Multimedia Data (i.e. graphics, images, videos, audio files) Processing, Transmission, Analysis and Applications. The ICME Best Paper Award, founded by the IEEE, is recognized as one of the highest awards in the Computer & Multimedia community. Only papers with creativity, professionalism and application value can receive the honor. At last, four papers excel out of more than 1000 competitors after a comprehensive evaluation by several leading experts on Computer & Multimedia worldwide. The award will be announced on some major journals of this filed, including IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, IEEE Multimedia, IEEE Communications and IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, and so on.

Doctor Changde Du is the first author, and Professor Huiguang He is the corresponding author. Doctor Changying Du from the Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab is the second author. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS and the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS.

Best Paper Runner-Up Award


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